Real Comments by Real WiloStar Parents

Thank you so much for the email, and thank you for providing such an excellent academic choice for us. Emma has been thoroughly enjoying her years with you, and we couldn’t be more grateful!  

Amy G


Teacher Praise

Thank your for your email.  Vince is enjoying the Marine Science course in your classroom. 

I appreciate that you explain everything so thoroughly and let the students know what you are doing.  For instance, there is no lag time when you are taking attendance, sending telegrams and setting things up.  You keep them informed about what is happening, read instructions for assignments,  and work through any difficulties. You also make full use of the time period for the class.  Plus you read out loud what the students write in chat, which is appreciated. 

Thanks for being a great teacher!

Tamara S




The WiloStar3D Academy online homeschool program allows students to create like no other program out there! Students create 3D virtual worlds, code, invent and express themselves in unique ways.


Parents appreciate that WiloStar students are looked at holistically and treated as individuals. Students are much more than a test score! Each student has their own unique learning style and that is valued.


Parents appreciate that their child is prepared for college and beyond. Knowing their child is attending a well-established, fully accredited National Private Schools program with over 20 years of experience is an added bonus. All WiloStar grads have been accepted to colleges of their choices!

Fits Like a Glove

I just wanted to let you know that Wilostar is going fantastic for Hayden and our family.  I am truly thankful and extremely grateful for your amazing program.  It has exceeded all of my expectations!  Your program has ‘fit’ Hayden like a glove.  I certainly notice and appreciate all of your hard work as well as those of the teachers.

Thank you for providing such a solution to our lives. I hope you enjoy the upcoming holidays.

All the best, Lacy 

Reaching out to say Thanks

Just wanted to reach out to let you know how much Sebastian LOVES Wilo!!! he already said that he wants to stay all through high school!! Thanks for being a pioneer and creating this amazing school for those little creators like Sebastian!

Many thanks,



Students stay engaged

Interactive live classes and fun 3D virtual world projects keep WiloStar students engaged in the learning process. Students socialize and make friends in a healthy and safe environment.


Parent Portal

WiloStar3D Academy parents have access to their own parent portal where they can access and view student progress and communicate with their child’s teacher.


Coding and Design

Built from the ground up for creative thinkers, the WiloStar3D approach to learning allows students to excel in 3D building, coding and design projects and helps prepare them for future careers in this area.

WiloStar Parent Review

WiloStar has a unique approach to educating students-not a one size fits all, teachers and administrators respond promptly to questions, there is a genuine interest in the students and a relaxed atmosphere, allows students to be creative in their own way with projects and assignments, and makes learning fun without the pressure.  I am able to see what is expected of him, how he is doing, and the results on a daily basis.


Still Doubting?

  • I wanted to send you a quick parent review for WiloStar3D to let you know how excited I am on my child’s progress and attitude in general. To see that spark return to her eye’s is priceless!

    Julie W
    6th Grade Parent

  • Thank you WiloStar for proving such a unique and creative learning environment for my child. It’s been a long time since my child has be excited about school but now he is up and ready everyday without me even having to nag!

    Lynn W
    Mother of 8th Grade Student


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